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I am a proud native of Kentucky that lives and works in my hometown where I was born and raised.  I grew up in the rural community of Simpson County. My  family is made up of hardworking farmers and factory workers. My grandparents Jake and Mamie raised me and my younger brother Jeremy. They taught us the value of hard work, honesty, and the importance of being respectful. They also taught me to “say what mean and mean what I say”. I take what I say and do very seriously. I never wanted to disrespect my elders, and I didn’t. When my grandfather became disabled and unable to work on the farm and provide for us, my grandmother with only a 2nd grade education went to work in a factory. She spent the next 20 years working the same entry level job because she wasn’t able to read and write. She taught me two valuable lessons; she taught me the importance of having an education and how we persevere though when we have responsibilities too important to ignore. I appreciate all the sacrifices she made in an effort to provide me and my younger brother a happy life, one filled with love and safety. 

In high school I belonged to a number of traditional student organizations like FBLA and FFA. One of the most influential moments as a student my Ag class required us to engage in a farming or agri-business opportunity. I went to work for Mrs. Rebecca, a widow and retired teacher managing her small  farm. She encouraged my faith and commitment of a personal relationship with Christ, reinforced the values taught by my grandparents, and tirelessly appreciate a hard days work. Mrs. Rebecca passed several years ago but continues to be an inspiration by her legacy of a faithful Christian and educator. 

My grandfather passed away after being ill for a number of years; I was in college when he passed. It was the most significant losses in my life. He was my friend, teacher, and my sounding board in life. Even today, I will visit his grave to ponder over important decisions. I always paid attention to his words and wisdom. So, when I go to there I am comforted when his words of wisdom make themselves present in my mind. I miss my grandpa, and if you have lost that grandparent that was your friend and teacher, you know what I mean. 

My grandmother and I are so close. We have always been close, but after Pa passed we became each others number one supporter and we have been there for each other every step of the way. Everyone in my family will tell you I am the favorite grandson. When she was not able to work and her health started declining I was there, and now at age 93 we are still here for each other, our bond will never be broken, and we are closer than we have ever been. We know what the other is thinking and we just have to give each other a look and smile, our kind of relationship is one that never want to loose. 

My grandmother has always encouraged me to live my best life, she has told me so many times the words we are most encouraged by, “I love you and I am so proud of you”.  When others in my family didn’t know why I wanted to go to college she encouraged me and I believe it was equally as proud a moment seeing me graduate from college.  I was the first member of my family to ever go to college. My education in and out of the classroom has helped prepare me for a blessed life, a career, and every opportunity I want to pursue. My granny’s love and encouragement coupled with my education and fortitude is why I have been and will continue to be success; I am the first person in my family to own their own business, first in my family to enter the trenches of politics, and I know there is no limits of what I can accomplish. 

Each week my grandma continues to encourage me and she asks me if I am happy, asks me about my week, and she wants to know how my business is dong. She always asks if there is anything I need. I tell her, “I just need your love and encouragement granny”. 

I am sharing this information with you because I want you to know the kind of person I am. The kind of person I was raised to be.  I could talk about all my accomplishments, education, etc., but knowing who I am is more important than what I have done. Knowing the kind of person I am will show you what I will get done as Kentucky’s next member of the US Congress.  Who I am is really based on two things: 1. I am who I am because of who raised me and how I was raised, and what I was taught has been beneficial and helped with all the life lessons that have presented themselves,  and they helped me established the foundation in which my commitment to follow their example, today others admire and trust me. I am grateful and humbled, and owe so much to those that have been in my life, patient with me, and allowed me to make mistakes. 

I am fiscally responsible, having learned how to manage as I live paycheck to paycheck, just like most of Kentuckians. I am driving a 2015 Honda with over 120,000 miles. I am managing the $180K in student loans in a career where the average salary of a mental health counselor in Kentucky is $38K, and it is extremely difficult, I understand the struggles many of you manage. I receive notices in the mail or random emails from mortgage companies wanting to refinance my mortgage. I don’t have a mortgage, I just have the student loan debt the size of a home. I wish it was a home loan, and not student loans but either way it was an investment in my future. 

As a counselor I know the impact of stress regarding finances, basic survival, and fear that our needs might not be meet, my clients share with me the struggles and uncertainty in their life. I also know first hand the same stress and fear because I struggle, paying my bills and making difficult discussions that impact my needs too. I am the candidate that really works for a living, the candidate that faces what most if Kentuckians are facing. I know like many others we don’t know if we can find products on the grocery store shelf and if we can, can we afford it. When I go to the gas station to get gas I wonder should I fill up my tank, put a little in and hope gas prices  are lower tomorrow. I see and feel our struggles, I am right in there with those that work hard to see more tax dollars leaving our pockets and millionaires keep stuffing their wallets. 

When I say i am committed to serving Kentucky I mean it. We are all human beings, we are people and we deserve more than we are receiving. We have rights, we deserve opportunities, and nothing changes unless we do something about it! 

Will you stand with me? Will you support my campaign so we can have our rights protected, and get our opportunities to live our best lives? If your answer is Yes, then you need to get out and vote on November 8th, and encourage 10 others to go with you, and encourage those to  encourage 10. 

If we don’t vote, we will likely have more loses than gains, and we will be more restricted, stressed, overwhelmed and I can assure you that isn’t what I want and I doubt you do either. We can and we will demonstrate to the establishment our Kentucky Pride and Strength when You elect me to the Us House of Representatives. Each of you will know that you made a difference and be assured I will make a difference in Washington.



Jimmy Ausbrooks, M. Ed., LPCC, CTP the 1st Congressional District Democratic candidate.

A proud native of Kentucky born and raised in the rural community of Simpson County. A mental health counselor in Franklin, KY.

The first in his family to attend and graduate college earning both a degree in Government and a master's degree in Education with an emphasis on counseling and human development.

First mental health counselor to run for federal office and first openly gay candidate to ever be on the ballot in any general election for the US House of Representatives in Kentucky's history.

Jimmy is running for many reasons, one is Human rights like women's rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, voter's rights, and social justice. As a mental health professional he is committed to giving a voice to the voiceless. As a gay man he is committed to finally giving the LGBTQ+ community a voice, protection from discrimination in housing and in the workplace. He believes that all individuals and families should all have a voice and be heard. He sees the opportunity for change. Commissioned a Kentucky Connel by Governor Andy Beshear in 2021. Serves in the board if the Kentucky Counseling Association and as served on a number of non-profit boards that serve the needs of under represented populations like women, children, and LGBTQIA+ community members at both local and state level. Member of the American Counseling Association and former Vice-President of South Central Kentucky Mental Health Counseling Association. A 2020 US Senate candidate that withdrew prior to the primary in an effort to demonstrate unity with in party and supported the Democratic nominee. Alumni of both Western Kentucky University and Lindsey Wilson College. "I want each of us to see that maintaining the status quo in Kentucky is going to cost us more rights, less jobs, less opportunity for living wages, and again just less opportunity across the board. I am the candidate that you need to vote for on November 8th because I am committed to representing all of Kentucky regardless of party, gender, religion, or orientation." and "We must stand together and we must share a common goal. We need to restore integrity and trust our government. I am a term limit candidate because I believe we need to keep leadership new, current and not politics as usual, second I love my profession and look forward to continuing my service to meet the needs of those in my community." "I believes in common sense, something I believes is missing in Washington. "

Jimmy Ausbrooks

A candidate's background is important to consider.
Here is a brief timeline of Jimmy's accomplishments.


Internship with Washington Center

Worked in the DNC chairman's office under Don Flowler


Inauguration of President Clinton

Invited by the last Democratic Senator of our state, Wendell Ford


Degree in Government Earned

Graduated from Western Kentucky University.


Opened 1st Small Retail Store

Opened Furniture Direct Now as a small home furniture store in his small, rural community


Masters Degree in Education, Counseling, and Development Earned

Graduated from Lindsey Wilson College


Became Licensed Professional Counseling Associate


Vice President of South Central Kentucky Mental Health Association


President of the Kentucky Association of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling


Opened Private Practice

Crimson Dove Counseling in Franklin, Kentucky


Joined Board of Directors for the Leffler Foundation

A Nonprofit for at-risk Youth


Kentucky Technical University Corporation

Dean of Students


Democratic Candidate for US Senate


Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives

For the great 1st District of Kentucky

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Phone: 270-253-3025
Email : info@jimmy4ky.com
P.O. Box 264
Franklin, KY 42134

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