We live in a complex world and each of us through our unique experiences have beliefs, opinions and values.  Below are some insight for voters regarding just some of the issues Jimmy Ausbrooks has addressed.  

If your searching for a specific topic not addressed below it should in no way suggest that it is not an important topic.  Please feel free to contact Jimmy directly through this site’s contact page, Facebook Instant Messenger or by phone to discuss issues not addressed here.  This page will continue to be updated with more and more information about the issues important to the voters of Kentucky’s 1st district.

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Jimmy attended local public schools during his childhood and elected in his senior year to go to a private school in preparation for college. To attend this school his mom had to work two jobs to help pay for his tuition and he received a work study program to aid in paying his tuition. He graduated and later went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Western Kentucky University and then obtained his Master of Education in Counseling and Human Development from Lindsey Wilson College. He strongly values education. He has also incurred nearly $180K in student loans and acknowledges this debt has overwhelmed him at times working in a field that on average makes $35-40K a year in Kentucky. He feels that he was given a promise, the promise was broken, and sits alone like many other Americans with debt. “I bought into the dream, get the education at any cost and it will reward itself with significant income to cover the debt. After receiving my BA I couldn’t find a job working in government that I could afford to take. Then obtaining my M.Ed. recognized that in Kentucky being a licensed counselor was one of the lowest paid licensed professions that provides one of the most essential services to individuals and family’s needs.”


He supports free education, fully funded K-12th grade, and hot meals for our children. He believes in higher education at all levels, and will support free tuition for community colleges, trade schools, public colleges, and universities. He also supports the forgiveness of student loan debt so individuals can save for their future and focus on striving verses stressing over years of paying off student loan debt. He admits that he bought into the dream of getting your education at all costs and it will be rewarded. The truth is students, and their families struggle constantly with overwhelming student loan debt and often it effects their long-term credit goals while colleges, universities, and banks profit off the backs of students and their families. 










Jimmy Ausbrooks supports a woman’s right to govern her own body and her right to reproductive privacy and choices. He values the independent choices of women to do what is right for themselves and their bodies. He is quoted as saying, “the day our rights are taken away, the rights of others are on the horizon, and the day will come when we all have no rights”.  He acknowledges the fight over women’s rights have persisted for decades and it saddens him. He is angry that some men feel that they have any right to govern a woman’s body and control a woman/s reproductive choice.  He will support legislation to for once and for all end the discrimination against a woman’s right to govern her own body. He also recognized that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade has now endangered the lives of so many women and children. 

“The court’s decision will cost lives, create fear, and we all will pay a price we cannot afford, spiritually, emotionally, or financially.” 


Jimmy Ausbrooks is a proud gun owner and second amendment defender.  He also believes that common sense gun laws should be enacted to prevent violence, protect schools and ensure guns are treated with the respect they. deserve.


Jimmy Ausbrooks supports a universal healthcare system for all.  He will support healthcare reform and expansion of services. He believes that our healthcare system should provide quality care to all Americans regardless of their socioeconomic status.  Healthcare is a human right and never a privilege. He believes strongly that mental healthcare services and substance abuse treatment should be an included focus in our healthcare reform and restructuring. Whether it is an expansion of Obama Care or Medicare for all, or Medicare for all that want it. He will fight for the most inclusive and best economically sound healthcare program to meet the needs of the American people. He is committed to fighting for the best option for the majority and the minority. He feels that the time for doing nothing and allowing insurance companies to dictate the American people is over and he feels the same way about big pharmaceutical companies. He feels very passionately that prescription care for life saving treatment should be $0 cost. He would like all prescription medications to have a $0 cost. 

“There is no reason that men, women and children have to die because they cannot afford their medications”.  


Jimmy Ausbrooks recognizes there is a global climate crisis, and he is committed to fight for initiatives that will protect our planet for generations to come. He supports the Paris Climate Accord; he supports environmental protections reforms and global restrictions. He believes that green and renewable energy resources can and should be utilized. He wants to bring new green technology and jobs to Kentucky.

“Green/Renewable energy is the future”. 

He feels that it is important to bring the fossil fuel industry leaders, renewable energy industry leaders, and government leadership to the table to seek both solutions to address climate change and provide opportunities for jobs and sustainable growth in our economy.  He has friends whose families are in the mining industry and recognizes that financially they are and have been dependent on the coal industry. He also recognizes that these same individuals could apply their skills and utilize their experience by working in green/renewable energy jobs. He believes a transition can be done, and in making the transition from fossil fuels to green/renewable green energy we can secure the future of not only the communities in which we live but the lives of our children for generations to come. 

“Kentucky is a coal state, communities in Kentucky have been sustained by mining, abandoned due to policy, and we will never find the common ground that everyone will be satisfied with unless we all agree to sit down together and create opportunities.”  










Jimmy Ausbrooks advocates for diversity, as an openly gay man he understands and empathizes with the LGBTQ+ community’s plight of decriminalization and hate. He recognizes the lack of acceptance and tolerance in this nation by a select few and those few are in leadership positions, and not the values of most Americans. He will support legislation to effectively supportive the civil rights agenda and protections under the law for LGBTQIA+ persons.   He firmly believes in and will fight for equality. 

“No person should be denied jobs, housing, human dignity, love who they love, marriage, or the ability to foster and adopt a child in need based on their gender identity or sex orientation.” 


He also understands that diversity reaches far beyond sexual orientation and gender identity. He recognizes that individuals of color are discriminated against in higher numbers today than it has in his lifetime and perhaps his parent’s lifetime. The continued white nationalist propaganda is fueling hate crimes and it continues to threaten lives.

 “We need to make a stand and celebrate inclusion and diversity, not hate and violence.”  


He recognizes the plight of individuals of color, black and brown people are placed at higher risk of incarceration, social injustice, denied and restricted rights, and treated less than. He is committed to restoring voter rights, closing for-profit prisons, decriminalizing marijuana, expanding educational opportunities and healthcare. 


He recognizes immigration reform is needed, he recognizes the contributions that immigrants and refugees bring to this country. America is a country built by immigrants and we are all decedents of an immigrant. He knows that his ancestors migrated to this country pre-revolutionary war. His family tree includes a member of the sons of liberty. His ancestor fought for a new government and helped set into motion our American Independence and the fundamental foundation of this country. He not only supports immigration reform but refuses to penalize the hardworking individuals and their families trying to make a better life for themselves. He welcomes DREAMERS and will work diligently to grant to these men and women full citizenship, not just a pathway to citizenship. 

“We are human beings, we are people.”

Living Wages

Jimmy Ausbrooks is an advocate for living wages and an increase in the minimum wage. In 2010, the minimum wage was $7.25 per hour. Today, in 2022 the minimum wage is still $7.25 per hour. This is not right nor fair. The cost of living has continued to rise, but not our pay, the United States Congress continues to give themselves raises. It is time for “We the people…” to have our wage incentives and a real minimum wage, a Living Wage.


He supports an effective wage increases because it is personal. Jimmy knows how it feels growing up in a lower middle-class family. Being a latch key kid because his parents and grandparents had to work.  He knows how living paycheck to paycheck feels and recognizing missing one paycheck can cost you everything, food on your table, clothes not only on your back but also the clothes on your children’s back, lifesaving medications, and a roof over your head. He also understands that his mother who was old enough to retire had to work 40-hour weeks in a factory making less than $9.00 per hour to just make ends meet until she physically could no longer work. 

“A living wage is needed, warranted, and a very real and personal issue for millions of Americans.” 



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