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What We Believe

Without the will of the people, there is not a campaign.  Without the people behind you, there isn’t an election.  When we get Jimmy in the US Congress, it will not be just a win for Jimmy.  It will be a win for each of us that got behind him and put our faith in what he stands for.

With you being on this page, first let us thank you for considering volunteering for the campaign!  We would love to chat with each of you and we are sure there is a place for you here.  If you haven’t heard Jimmy speak, let’s set up a time to do that.  If you haven’t heard the issues your are concerned about, ask us.  If you have both of those, then there is a perfect place for you here to join us in getting this done for us and all our neighbors!

Let's Do Something

Having beliefs are great. Standing behind those beliefs and working towards them...


We encourage all walks of life to sign up to volunteer.  We ask that if you sign up for a task, that you ensure that it is something that you can dedicate the time to work towards, because each task is vital to reaching our goals.  There are some points that we would like to ensure people know:

Thank you for your interest in helping us!  We look forward to reaching out to you as soon as possible.


    Phone: 270-253-3025
    Email : info@jimmy4ky.com
    P.O. Box 264
    Franklin, KY 42134

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